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Bouquets pour Lucie

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What's this I see? What could it be?
It's not any poem like a tree,
but something far more lovely.
For in a tree you'll find its worth
is in its breadth and in its girth,
which summers gives us welcome shade
but winters is a barricade
of the nourishment of warmth and light
(though yet it be a noble sight).

No, what I see means more to me
than any tree could ever be,
a flower so soft and delicate
upon which no sun could ever set,
whose petals bloom eternally:
this precious blossom called Lucie.

Ron Koster
10 janvier 2006

Lucie était ma meilleure amie, la soeur que j’ai toujours souhaité avoir. Elle me manque énormément. Elle était ma force et mon soutien, l’amie des bons et des mauvais jours. Nous avons tout fait ensemble. Nous sommes allées au collège, avons partagé un bon souper ou un verre maintes fois, préparé des déménagements et le magasinage du lendemain de Noël est devenu tradition après mon installation à Montréal... Ce qui reste le plus cher à mon coeur, ce sont les rires. Je ne crois pas avoir ri autant avec qui que ce soit qu’avec elle. Ce sont ces moments là qui sont gravés dans ma mémoire, et ce sont ces souvenirs que je continuerai de chérir toute ma vie: tous les fou-rires.

Lucie was my very best friend, the sister I never had. She was there for me in good times and in bad times. I miss her so terribly. We did all kinds of things together: go to school, go out for dinner or a drink, packed boxes for moving, and Boxing Day shopping became a tradition when I moved to Montreal... What I remember the most about our times together is all the laughter. I never laughed as much with anyone as I did with her. And that is what I am going to keep remembering about her: the laughter.

Maryse Houle
      20 février 2013

Although Lucie did not have a professional designation, I think she should have had a “KAE” after her name — “Knows Almost Everything”. Every time I turned around, Lucie would impart another morsel of wisdom on a wide variety of subjects. I thought I knew a lot about gardening — Lucie knew so much more! She taught me things about gardening that I may have never learned without having known her. She taught my husband how to butt two colours of paint together. She explained the tricks to him while painting a perfectly straight line. Lucie was a marvelous, thoughtful, kind person. I am glad to have known her.

Melissa Clark
      21 février 2013

Lucie, it’s been only a year now
since God and His Angels called you away.
Oh, how the Angels rejoiced as you walked
through those Pearly Gates that day!

Lucie, when they said you were going to die
I refused to believe it could be true.
How could I allow myself to even
imagine saying goodbye to you?

Lucie, you are gone
but your spirit is always among us.

Hong-Le Nguyen
      28 février 2013

When I think of Lucie,

I remember her zest for life,
her love of all things living whether animal or plant life,
her great determination,
her sense of fairness,
her honesty,
her willingness to help others,
and her work ethic.

No matter what she needed or wanted to do, she did it to the best of her ability and whenever she felt she might fall short of her own standards, she would research, investigate, enquire, and in any way possible perfect her knowledge and ability to tackle whatever she chose to undertake.

Whatever the task, she did it well.

She was a person of great accomplishments. One need not be a Nobel prize winner, a world leader or an accomplished artist to achieve. Lucie was a great achiever in all she did.

I am so glad I knew her and that for many years she was part of my life.

Ria Koster
      1 mars 2013


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